A heartbeat wrapped in a 2.8kg marvel.

This time last year…

  • I just turned 30.
  • I had lots of bubbles to celebrate without a second thought.
  • I indulged in a week of feasting on cheese, cake and all things delicious.
  • I took half an hour to pack light for our three night staycation.
  • I was focused on my career – assessing liability, giving sound advice and meeting my billable hours.
  • I prioritised my comfort and never went hungry.
  • I had serious body image issues.
  • I woke up to a beautiful face every morning.
  • I  wasn’t even sure it was possible for me to have a baby.

THIS year…my son,

  • I turned 31.
  • I had a glass of wine to celebrate and relished every sip.
  • I choose my meals carefully to avoid any dairy so as not to upset your tummy.
  • I took the whole morning to pack including too many nappies, spare clothes and bottles for just a one night staycation.
  • I am focused on ensuring you are happy, healthy and thriving.
  • I prioritise your comfort and make sure you never go hungry.
  • I have a confidence about my body that does not stem from a place of vanity but of strength in the knowledge that my body grew, birthed you and continues to nourish your little body.
  • I wake up to not one but two beautiful faces every morning with one that gummy smiles at the sight of me every single day without fail.
  • You are here, just as you were meant to be.

Wow.  The contrast from last year to this year.   Just…wow.

It is incredible the abundance of beauty just one year and a heartbeat wrapped in a 2.8kg marvel can bring.

My priorities are forever changed, my mind forever transformed, my heart forever full.

Lady. Wifey. Mama.

Now, Queen of my little tribe and undeniably, absolutely and irrevocably loving it.


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