To my baby love…


13 May 2018 / Mother’s Day

To my baby love

Today, for the very first time, I celebrate being a member of a prestigious tribe of incredible human beings. 

Now, there is often much focus on what mothers selflessly give to their children and rightly so – the love and care, the nurturing, the sacrifices and there is no understating any of it, not by any means.

However, I write this so that someday you will read this and understand the enormity of what it is YOU have brought into MY life. 

By your very existence you have illuminated to me what a gift it is to be encircled by those whom we call family, individuals that have enveloped us with an abundance of kindness and support from the moment you were the size of a mere sweet pea up to this very day.

You have revealed to me the true extent and character of my spirit, one I never knew existed until you, one that is physically, mentally and emotionally strong.  I am empowered in a way I have never been before. 

You have granted me the opportunity to experience a love like no other, one that is barely describable and yet has no bounds. 

Today I celebrate the privilege of being a mother, YOUR mother and for that I thank YOU, my son.

With all my love and gratitude,


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